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Doxylamine and pyridoxine australia in our own research on the drug, we could not find a single reference supporting the claim that vitamin D supplementation alone would be beneficial. Vitamin D deficiency occurs as a result of prolonged winter in which there is low sun exposure. Vitamin D is essential for bones to increase bone density, the immune system, and to help with collagen elastin production. Low levels of vitamin D, in turn, can lead to rickets, a condition that causes baby's bones to harden. Research in children suggests that vitamin D deficiency is a problem during the childhood years. Vitamin D supplementation is an accepted intervention in children with rickets and deficiency is a risk factor for type I diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It is also associated with an increased risk for cancer. In addition to the risks associated with low vitamin D, a large body of evidence suggests that vitamin D supplementation may have beneficial effects for people with multiple sclerosis. The current advice for patients with MS is to take 1,500-1,800IU of vitamin D per day, with most people taking more to reach the recommended daily dose for their age. The research indicates that higher doses do not affect the course of disease. In other words, more vitamin D supplementation is not enough to ensure that MS gets better. Where Does Vitamin D Come From? Vitamin D is found naturally in the diet and certain foods we eat. Inadequate intake of vitamin D is not a cause for concern. However, it is important to recognize the following: Food sources of vitamin D Vitamin D is not found in all foods. fact, most people do not acquire adequate levels of vitamin D when they consume foods with little to no vitamin D. Food sources of vitamin D include: Fatty fish, such as herring, mackerel, trout, salmon, herring roe, sardines and tuna; Dairy products and butter; products, milk; butter, yogurt and cheese; cod liver oil, eggs; sunflower seeds; butter beans; and walnuts Animal sources of vitamin D Animals, including fish, have the highest naturally occurring levels of vitamin D. The are highest in skin of the animals and in intestines of fish. Animal food, such as fish, also contains vitamin D. The levels in these animals are lower than those derived from other animals. These animals are also less likely to have been exposed ultraviolet radiation than most of the food animals that we eat. Dairy products contain vitamin D but also other nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, which contribute to overall health. In recent years, the milk industry has promoted with added vitamin D. Studies in people show that who consumed milk fortified with vitamin D had lower rates of some chronic conditions, such as osteoporosis, heart disease and stroke. Where Do We Get Vitamin D Today? Vitamin D is manufactured naturally in the body when skin- or fat-producing structures known as cholecystokinins (CCKs) bind to sunlight produce vitamin D3. The production of D3 in body depends on factors such as sunlight exposure, time of day and the amount ultraviolet radiation in environment. The amount of ultraviolet radiation in the U.S. during winter months is less than the amount during summer months. This is why it recommended that people living in the U.S. to obtain adequate vitamin D3 in the spring and summer, but not in the winter months. Vitamin D3 is also synthesized in the skin by a group of sun-reactive cells called the immune system. This process takes place in the spring when people begin to tan. Vitamin D3 is then released into the bloodstream and is essential for maintaining skin health. Vitamin D and Obesity Studies of obesity and vitamin D show that higher levels of vitamin D may be associated with reduced rates of obesity. Research has shown that obese people have significantly higher levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D than those normal weight. In addition, obese people also have higher levels of the vitamin in their urine. Why Do We Need Vitamin D? Vitamin D plays an important role in the regulation of immune system, which helps us to fight infections and process different types of cells. Higher vitamin D levels may also help normalize the immune system function in obese people. This may be because obesity is associated with a decreased number of blood lymphocytes (which secrete antibodies and have a positive effect on the immune system) and a decreased production of vitamin D. In fact, obese people have significantly lower levels of vitamin D in their blood. While there is no evidence to show that vitamin D deficiency is related to heart disease or cancer, low vitamin D levels may contribute to these conditions. It is important to obtain adequate.

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