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Antabuse availability australia This is a list of drug stores in Australia. Some may not stock all drug stores. Please check your local pharmacies. Royal Australian Drug and General Pharmaceutical Stores If you cannot find the drug you're looking for, please call one of the following telephone numbers: Pharmacy - 0800 888 884 or 0844 400 7000 Distributors - 0800 506 3111 Your local pharmacy or doctor Other drug stores, including pharmacies in airports, cruise ship ports and on military bases If you cannot find the drug you're looking for, please call one of the following top drugstore hair dye brands telephone numbers:Pharmacy - 0800 888 884 or 0844 400 7000Distributers - 0800 506 3111Your local pharmacy or doctorGeneral Pharmaceuticals (Pharmacy Assistance Service) - (0)1300 987 019 Dietary Supplements If you are having trouble finding the correct supplement that is right for you, please call the Diet & Healthline and their information advice line on 0800 111 1100 toll free. Please note: The Food and Drug Regulations 1990 stipulated that all medicinal products should state the strength, content and quantity of ingredients. This means that these supplements would need to be listed on the Pharmacology Guide. Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and its parent body, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) does not include all medicinal supplements. You can contact the TGA (Pharmaceutical Benefits Line) on 133 3107 (Mon - Fri 12-5pm AEST). The TGA also provides consumer contact details, in case of difficulties, through the National Telephone Number 1800 857 732. The United States and Britain did something a little unusual: they asked the World Court for assistance. In April, the two countries took unprecedented step of asking the International Court Justice to intervene in the dispute over drilling of wells in the disputed area, which has been going on for years. When they won the case on basis that drilling was illegal, they claimed the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea was being breached. This time they sought to use the court block a deal reached between the governments of India and Pakistan. has just signed a border treaty with Pakistan that effectively bans drilling and mining in the disputed area, including oil and gas, since Pakistan has no claim to it. But both India and Pakistan want to develop oil and gas fields in the area, and two countries have offered to consult with each other about how that can be done. Britain is the sole permanent representative of Britain at the high-level talks happening today, but both India and Pakistan have proposed sending officials from the Indian embassy and Pakistani high commission. The court is a good venue for the dispute because it allows for three parties to come together and try up with a resolution of this dispute. If the court refuses to hear their case, they will still go to the UN claim jurisdiction under convention. And if the UN court approves their claim, then the countries will have.

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